Science in Your Pocket: Classroom Talk K-12 (2021-2022)

Are you ready to learn how to utilize classroom talk to increase student engagement? Are you interested in learning how to embed discussion strategies to develop critical thinking skills? In this self-paced, online course you will explore the research behind classroom talk, discover strategies and discuss ideas for implementation. 

By the end of this course, you'll be able to:

  • Explain what classroom talk is and how it can be effectively used in the classroom.

  • Explore specific strategies that can be used to increase classroom talk.

  • Engage in group discussions to reflect on learning and make connections to practice.

  • Plan for implementation using best instructional practices.

**Self-paced Canvas course open until August 31, 2022.**

K-12 Science Teachers
Carolyn Beardsley, Vejheh Tavakoli
Science, High School, Elementary, Subject Areas
1 - Planning, T-TESS 2 - Instruction, T-TESS 3 - Learning Environment, T-TESS 1.1 - Planning: Standards and Alignment, T-TESS 2.2 - Instruction: Content Knowledge and Expertise, T-TESS 2.3 - Instruction: Communication 1 - Instructional Leadership, T-PESS 2 - Human Capital, T-PESS 1.1A - Ensures curricula aligned with state standards, T-PESS 1.1B - Monitors and ensures high quality instruction, T-PESS 2.2A - Maintains diverse and high quality work force
Online Course, Self-directed

CPE Credits: 2.00  
Registration Closes: 8/29/2022
Starts: 11/11/2021
Ends: 8/31/2022 11:59 pm