Getting Graduation: ARD Committee Considerations for 2021-22

What's special about graduation for students with disabilities?

This online course provides a framework for educators and administrators to consider graduation for students receiving special education services. It is recommended that a team consisting of a counselor, registrar, and special education leader (ARD facilitator/administrator/transition specialist) from each campus attend this training. Secondary campus administrators are also encouraged to attend.

If you are a . . .

Counselor or administrator, you can learn how graduation requirements can be adapted for your students with disabilities, and what it means for their high school program

Registrar, you can learn how the decisions made at the ARD can affect PEIMS coding for transcripts, service-ID, and leaver codes

Special educator, you can learn how and why ARD committees can adapt graduation requirements, and what it means for students with disabilities and their postsecondary goals

For information about graduation for students with disabilities, see the Graduation for Students with Disabilities LiveBinder:

Check out the course overview to see course content and requirements.

Discounts for groups:

Option 1: Assemble a group of 15 to receive a 20% discount on each registration

Option 2: Assemble a team of 3 (including PEIMS, counseling/curriculum, and special education roles) to receive one FREE registration

counselors, registrars, PEIMS staff, special education administrators, secondary educators, ARD facilitators
Elizabeth Danner
Special Education, 18+ Programs and Services, Special Education Leadership Network, Counseling Services, Transition, CTE: Career & Technical Education, PEIMS
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