Connecting and Reflecting: Early Childhood Trauma and Its Connection to Social Emotional Skills

Does Trauma in the earliest years effect our Preschoolers?

In this two-hour recorded presentation, Monica Kurtz shares with us what early childhood trauma can look like, and some of the impacts that early childhood trauma can have on us as we age. She explores what this can look like in a classroom and what we can do to help every child with Social Emotional competencies.


This session was part of the Early Childhood's Day of Social Emotional Learning Mini Conference. You may also be interested in:

1. Phuong Lien Palafox's session, "Stories Fuel Our World: Evidence-Based Considerations for Literacy-Based Practices",  where Phuong shares with us the power of Relationships, Stories, Connections.

2. Dr Paula Freeman's session, "Tiny People, Big Skills: Supporting Students Well-Being" where Paula walks us through the importance of play and various social emotional compentencies.

Early Childhood, ECSE, Prekindergarten, Counselors, Paraprofessionals
Monica Kurtz
Early Childhood, ECSE, At-Risk, Effective Schools Framework - 3.1, Counseling Services, Effective Schools Framework - 3.2, Differentiation
3 - Learning Environment, T-TESS 3.2 - Learning Environment: Managing Student Behavior, T-TESS 3.3 - Learning Environment: Classroom Culture
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