ASCENDER: EOC & Attendance Audit Procedures
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3.00 CPE Credits  

Campus personnel responsible for Grade Reporting processes at the end of each grading cycle and semester with be able to bring for review their respective campus grading policies, compare them to what is indicated in the Ascender Grade Reporting system and walk through the actual process as a group.  Discussions of grade reporting processes and best practices will allow participants to determine the best fit for their campus to efficiently generate report cards and accurately retreive and report student grade information.

As we all know...Attendance is money for each and every campus and district in the state of Texas!  The magnitude of campus attendance clerks to maintain accurate attendance data for ADA ($$$) cannot be taken lightly.  While ADA is the money trail for districts, the accuracy of the attendance audit reports and documentation are the result of the tedious ground work by the attendance clerks to understand attendance coding, be attentive to the Student Attendance  Accounting Handbook (SAAH) guidelines and the ability to retain flawless records/documents in case of an attendance audit by TEA. Reviewing resources such as the SAAH, along with district and campus attendance policies will be part of the group focus and discussion. Step by step guidance for balancing attendance reports and determining errors, in addition to sufficient attendance documentation will be examined.


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Online, On-Demand Recording

CPE Credits: 3.00  
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