Return to Learn 21-22
Returning students back to the classroom after a concussion.

This course was developed as a tool for teachers, parents, and administrators to provide information that will help you in a variety of different scenarios and settings in terms of managing students who have had a concussion, and how to reintegrate them and get them acclimated back into your classroom. 

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain the background information on how a concussion affects a student's ability to return to learn.
  • Discuss how educators are imperative for student recovery from a concussion.
  • Determine how to provide appropriate support to students recovering from a concussion through the use of a student recovery plan.
  • Discuss instructional strategies specific to the impairments the student is experiencing.
  • Articulate how to accommodate for symptom provocation of a concussion.
  • Utilize a variety of resources to support learning after the course has been completed.

STEM, Subject Areas
Online Course, Self-directed

CPE Credits: 2.00  
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Starts: 8/17/2021
Ends: 10/1/2022