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TypeWorkshop IDWorkshop NameContactPriceFirst Mtg.
ILT SP1736364 C-RAC April Willis Free 1/18/2017
ILT SP1736365 C-RAC April Willis Free 2/15/2017
ILT SP1736366 C-RAC April Willis Free 3/22/2017
ILT SP1736367 C-RAC April Willis Free 4/19/2017
ILT SP1736368 C-RAC April Willis Free 5/17/2017
ILT SP1736369 C-RAC April Willis Free 6/21/2017
ILT SP1736180 CACFP - Food Production Records for Child Care Dianet Lopez Free 5/9/2017
ILT SP1736085 CACFP Feeding Infants During their First Year Dianet Lopez Free 4/5/2017
ILT SP1736087 CACFP New Meal Pattern For Adults Dianet Lopez Free 1/26/2017
ILT SP1736088 CACFP: Food Production Records For Adult Day Care Dianet Lopez Free 1/26/2017
ILT SP1736181 CACFP: New Meal Pattern & Early Implementations Dianet Lopez Free 2/7/2017
ILT SP1736295 CACFP: Planning Nutritious Snacks for Child Care Dianet Lopez Free 3/8/2017
BLEND SU1636110 Campus Turnaround Planning Training Visioning Sean Marcoulides Free None
ILT SP1734739 Can't We All Just Get Along? Tying Social Learning to Career and Academic Objectives Christene Nemetsky $85.00 4/19/2017
ILT FA1634648 CANCELED - Accommodation Central Giselle Williams $45.00 12/1/2016
ILT SP1735122 CANCELED - Accommodation Central Giselle Williams $45.00 1/30/2017
ILT SP1735776 CANCELED - Biology STAAR Science: Strategies for Teaching Biological Processes and Systems Dee Dee Monagas $85.00 1/18/2017
ILT SP1632241 CANCELED - Focus On Algebra: Exponential Functions Susan Hemphill $150.00 None
ILT SU1635246 CANCELED - Literacy Achievement Academies: Kindergarten (in Cedar Park) Misty Stephens Free None
BLEND SU1532801 CANCELED - Make Social Studies Count Courtney Webster $85.00 None
ILT SP1530842 CANCELED - To Flip or Not to Flip my Math Classroom: That is the Question! Virginia Keasler $80.00 None
ILT FA1634713 CANCELED-Data Collection and Interpretation Misty Stephens $85.00 None
ILT SU1634071 CANCELED-Differentiated Writing: Reaching ELL and Developing Writers, Summer Institute Misty Stephens $180.00 None
ILT SP1735307 CANCELED: Bus Driver Training 8-Hour Certification (2016-2017) Smithville Harry Reed $50.00 1/21/2017
ILT FA1635998 CANCELED: Exception & Waivers Oct 2016 Nancy Sanchez Free 10/12/2016
ILT FA1635199 CANCELED: G/T: Twice Exceptional Learners Amanda Betz $85.00 9/19/2016
ILT FA1634748 CANCELED: Implementing Your Language Plan in a Bilingual Classroom Ivonne Santiago $85.00 9/14/2016
ILT FA1635234 CANCELED: Science, Social Studies, and Guided Reading Seth Herrington $85.00 12/1/2016
ILT SP1633903 CANCELED: TExES Core Subjects EC-6 Workshop Debbie Leyva $425.00 1/16/2016
ILT SP1634647 Cancelled - TRC Pre/Post Testing Saturday 5/14 Susan Hemphill Free 5/14/2016
WBT FA1519640 Classroom Organization: The Power of Structure for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders Robin Reimund Free None
ILT FA1635236 CLD SPED Evaluator's Leadership Meeting Joy Hunsucker Free 9/14/2016
WBT FA1430409 Closing the Gap with Specially Designed Instruction: an e-Learning Course Matt Holloway Free None
ILT SP1736142 CNP: : Meal Appeal University for Managers and Cooks Kelly Waldron Free 2/25/2017
ILT SU1634505 CNP: Are You Texas Friendly? Robin Martelli $5.00 6/15/2016
ILT SP1736059 CNP: Direct Certification Lab Robin Martelli Free 1/31/2017
ILT SP1736014 CNP: Financial Management for Managers Robin Martelli Free 2/10/2017
ILT SP1736058 CNP: Food Production Records Robin Martelli Free 1/26/2017
ILT SP1736163 CNP: Managing Food Allergies in School Nutrition Robin Martelli Free 3/29/2017
ILT SP1736143 CNP: Meal Appeal University for Directors Kelly Waldron Free 2/24/2017
ILT SP1633985 CNP: Serve Safe / Manager Certification Robin Martelli Free 4/25/2016
ILT SP1736065 CNP: Serve Safe Managers Certification Robin Martelli Free 4/6/2017
ILT SP1736063 CNP: SFSP Putting the Pieces Together 1-Day Training for Returning CEs Robin Martelli Free 3/9/2017
ILT SP1736061 CNP: SFSP: Putting the Pieces Together, 2-Day Training for New CE's Robin Martelli Free 3/2/2017
ILT SP1736066 CNP: Spring Directors Rountable Robin Martelli Free 5/17/2017
WBT SU1634836 Co-Teaching with Confidence Ann Jacobson $25.00 None
ILT SP1734866 College Advocacy for Underprivileged Youth: Resources and Methodologies Christene Nemetsky $100.00 2/17/2017
ILT SP1734867 College and Career: Leading Students to a Clear Picture Christene Nemetsky $100.00 5/17/2017
WBT SU1635529 Communication Partnership: Exploring the Ethics of Roles and Responsibilities Lisa Rukovena $10.00 None
WBT FA1519641 Communication: The Power of Communication for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders Robin Reimund Free None
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